All Hail Kale!

Ode to Kale

Your leaves so verdant and fresh in hue


Can be blended in smoothies or braised in a stew.

Brash when raw, sweet when sauteed,

Why for so many years was I afraid?

A dollar a pound at the grocery,

If you were cheaper, you’d be damn near free.

Your taste is delicious, your beauty divine,

Your nutrients mean having seconds is fine.

Oh kale, never leave me, I love you so,

Though Mr. B doesn’t want you three nights in a row.

— Apologies to every poet, ever

(Yes, I know it’s not really an ode. I am an English teacher.)

Kale’s good, y’all.

I came in Tuesday night, totally exhausted. I was on a mission — a 30-minute meal that had nothing to do with Rachael Ray and did not require a sous chef. I needed greens, carbs, and speediness.

I took about ten leaves of kale (didn’t even make a dent in the pound) and pulled the leaves from the stems. Ripping them into bite-sized pieces, I dropped them into a skillet and drizzled them with about a teaspoon of olive oil to get going over medium-low heat. As that got started, I thinly sliced an onion, setting aside half for the other dish. The onion went in and I smashed the biggest damn clove of garlic I’ve ever seen. No joke — and this was off a regular garlic bulb, none of that elephant garlic business.


My hand was the best I could do for scale. But seriously. That garlic could wear my shoes.

When the kale started to wilt and dry out a bit, I hit it with a little white wine and then with some broth and tossed the garlic in and gave it a stir. I ground some salt and pepper on top, lidded it, and let it get tender. While that was on, I cooked up my pasta dish, and even managed to get a grilled cheese sandwich turned out for Mr. B.

The kale would have been a great side dish for three. You know… if I hadn’t eaten all of it while waiting for the pasta to cook. Did I mention kale is filling? I had to wait an hour before I could actually try my pasta.


I should really change the name of my blog to "Ugly Pictures of Delicious Food."

Eat some kale. You can cook it so quickly… it’s easier to clean than collards, doesn’t require braising and hamhocks or bacon fat or anything complicated. Minutes, folks. It’s loaded with fiber and folic acid and calcium and … and… and… do it! :) (You can make chips out of it too, but that’s for another night. I’m beat, peeps.)

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