Got Protein?

So the mama of that freshly showered baby got the not-fun diagnosis of gestational diabetes. How lame! Isn’t this the time in one’s life where you are actually encouraged to sit on your ass and eat Oreos? As she put it, “It was all fun and games until they took my cake.”

One of the needs she does have is for tasty, protein-loaded food. So, I decided to think up some ways she can get her tasties and her healthies, too.

First up: Avocado Chicken Salad. I made this last week, shortcutting it to death with leftover rotisserie chicken. It took four minutes to make and I plopped it atop a pile of freshly chopped romaine with kidney beans and sprouts. It was delectable and very filling.

For something more traditional, make a regular chicken salad — chicken, mayo, salt, pepper, tarragon — and serve it in romaine leaves as lettuce wraps.

Also, I can’t recommend Joy Manning’s Quinoa and Black Bean Salad highly enough. This will kick any pasta salad craving into submission, and the salad keeps for at least a week in the fridge and is endlessly adaptable. Add salsa, chicken, feta — it’s amazing. Quinoa is loaded with protein, and the salad in its vegan form is safe at room temperature for awhile should you need portability.

Hummus or guacamole on veggies should be a good bet. Cutting carrots, cukes, and radishes into chips (instead of breaking your teeth on baby carrots) will get your veggies in and give you a low-cal vehicle for the yum stuff.

For a sweet tooth, I’d definitely try Banana Ice Cream. You only have to have one ingredient (I’ll give you three guesses).

I’ll add in some more here as I think of them, and I’d like to open this up to you: what are your high-protein, low-carb, low-sugar go-to recipes? Leave them in the comments! (Except for the guy who keeps trying to sell Tramadol in the comments — you go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done while I mark your next five comments as spam. Butthole.)

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  1. Shmig says:

    I will testify to the goodness of the Quinoa Black Bean salad. Way too tasty to be as healthy as it is.

    I’ll be thinking on some high protein low carb ideas for you and the mom to be, Ms. Bitsch.

  2. This is the protein-infused mama here, putting down her spoonful of sugar-free Jello to drop in to say ‘thank you’. I’m waddling to the store in search of avocados and bananas STAT! xoxo!

  3. TheBitsch says:

    ooh — you can also make chocolate mousse with avocados… that should be my project this weekend. We’ll work out these last … egad… ten weeks?!?

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