Egg Salad

I have never been much of a fan of egg salad, or hard-boiled eggs, or even eggs, really. Eggs are something I want rarely and in rather small quantities.

However, eggs are little protein-powerhouses and have built-in portion control, and most dudes I know love eggs, especially boiled ones, and especially especially deviled ones. The man I share my heart and space with is no exception. Thus, I give you (and him) egg salad — he has been eating egg salad sammiches for lunch for the last week, and has been digging them. I recommend toasted whole wheat or rye bread as your delivery device, and as always, jack with the quantities — these are guidelines. Make the salad yours. My version is very savory and heady with lots of herbs and spices (actually more than I’ve posted here — I think we burned our palates off with years of strong coffee, cheap alcohol, and cigarettes (in other words, college) and they’re still recovering). As a rule of thumb, start with a little and add more, and remember that if you’re refrigerating it, the flavors will get stronger on the second day.


6 boiled, cooled, peeled eggs


2 tsp prepared mustard

1-2 tsp dried dill (knock yourself out if you’ve got fresh on hand)

1/4 tsp garlic powder (fresh garlic is really strong in this dish — if you make egg salad with a dozen eggs, you can add a wee bit of fresh)

1/4 tsp white pepper

1/2 tsp paprika

1 Tbsp dill pickle relish


fresh ground pepper

optional additions: diced olives, pimientos, celery, rosemary, tarragon, onion


Rinse eggs until free of all shell debris. Mash the eggs with a fork until your desired consistency (you may dice them, but it’s egg salad — it’s going under bread, so who cares?) has been reached. Add mayo, starting with about three tablespoons. Stir in the rest of your ingredients. Add in more mayo or some dill pickle juice if the mixture is too dry. Refrigerate to let flavors meld, or add bread and lettuce and feed directly to your significant other.

(Oh? A picture? Good question. I can’t find the pictures I took. Don’t worry, egg salad is naturally hideous looking, which is probably why people started hiding it in bread.)

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