Welcome, Autumn

How in THE HELL did it get to be October?!? Since my birthday is in October, I use it as a deadline for many things, as in, “I’ll get X done by my birthday.” And then here we are at midterm and things clearly aren’t getting done. Ah, well.

Happily, my favorite time of year is here. I’ve been gearing up for autumn for awhile. The fall fever set in around the middle of August, and at the end of September, the humidity lifted, the air cooled, and the fever went into full-on madness.

I decorate for Halloween and fall as fervently as I do for Christmas. While the mister was out of town, I got my Susie Homemaker on. I also took the liberty of documenting my crafting, decorating, and general shenanigans with my fancy new Droid. I’m getting used to it, so bear with me as my already-rotten photography skills take a wee nosedive. I’ll make up for it by using the fabulous RetroCamera App.


Even my tragic photography takes on a mysterious tone.

In the above picture you can see some of my work — my cobweb lantern lights from a few years ago at Target, my homemade wreath, the black lace covering my buffet, a raven on the mantle.

I’m also a witch on a budget. The wreath is a $3.99 black faux frasier fir from Michael’s. I hand-tied purple and black feathers I had on hand into it to spruce it up (no pun intend–oh, who am I kidding).


Mayhap next year I will upgrade... or mayhap at the day after Halloween sales.

I wanted it on the inside of the door, but wreath hangers are designed to be on the outside. Luckily, mine has a hole in the top, so I hung the hanger with the hook on the outside of the door and tied thin black ribbon through the hole in the top and suspended the wreath from the ribbon. This also allowed me to decide how low I wanted to hang it.

Then we move on to what Mr. B referred to as my “Sandra Lee Tablescape.” *shudder* Yes, he’s still breathing.


Why yes, I AM having Stevie Nicks and Amanda Palmer over for dinner!

I picked up the skull plates (Eat, drink, and be spooky!) from Kroger on sale for about $2.50 a pop. I also got the spiderweb tablecloth there on sale for under $10. It’s draped over a white sheet for contrast. The “candelabra” was a steal at Michael’s and is glittered, jeweled, and collapses flat. The black rhinestone chargers were also a couponed Michael’s purchase. The orange witch plate was a slightly pricier Kroger purchase at about five dollars. Glitter leaves came from Michael’s at 50% off… roughly $4. Goblets were held over from years past.


Every holiday can have a tree, dammit.

My ‘ween tree is a gift from Black Witch upon her move. This is my third Halloween since the Cauldron began dispersing, and it is still strange to me. The tree is a metal spiral with bells hanging from it, sprayed black. I decorate mine much as she did, with a purple and gold tinsel feather boa (one I had lying around and wanted to wind around my wreath, but figured this was a better application). The tree also holds two ornaments, both gifts from Black Witch — a small witch and a Halloween spoon. I’ve since added a strand of purple witch lights to illuminate it in the evenings.


Never underestimate the dollar-fifty flowers.

Mr. B bought me the above flowers when I swooned over them at Kroger. This is two bunches, on sale for $1.50 each. I’m so glad he convinced me I needed two. the blooms opened over about five days and were positively striking. I particularly love them because I have several large vases that rarely get the opportunity to show off.

I’ll update more as I add to the decor and play with my camera.

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