Autumn Fades, and Thankfulness Continues

My favorite season is slipping away from me. I got the final proof of that at the coffee shop near work where I go for a quick breather on Monday afternoons. The Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Delight coffees have been replaced with one labeled with a Christmas tree, and there are three trees up in here already.

In the past, I’ve hated decorations popping up before Thanksgiving. I want to stretch autumn as long as it can last. The leaves, while thinning, are still beautiful. I’ve used five cans of pumpkin in making baked goods in the last week. I lit my autumn candles this week, reminding myself that they are seasonal smells to take me through till January.

For the first time ever, I may actually be decorating for Christmas (sans tree) on Thanksgiving night. I’m having an open house for my spa sideshow job on Black Friday to relieve the people who are bonkers enough to go out and brave that insanity. Thus, the decor must move.

I already took down some of my Halloween adornments. The black wreaths were pretty enough to leave up, but I did swap up my spiderweb tablecloth. It makes me sad to decorate early, but I tell myself that this way IĀ  can move on to Christmas and enjoy that decor early, and maybe thus take it down before Valentine’s St. Patrick’s Day okay, fine, Easter. I’m telling myself that instead of regretting that I didn’t savor my fall decor that much, I can move on to Christmas and throw myself into holiday bliss full-force.

As we move to Turkeyday, we consider for what we are capital-T thankful. I enjoyed reading status messages and blogs about what people were thankful for over the last month. Many friends posted a daily meditation.

In response to said meditation and to pull myself back on the writing and slowing-down-to-smell-the-spice-candles path, I’m endeavoring to post every day between now and January first about what I am thankful for. I hope you’ll join me and discussĀ  what makes you thankful. I also hope you’ll forgive my sweetness.

Happy Fall Fade, y’all.

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  1. Melly says:

    I believe I’ll join you — although I will undoubtedly slack off a day or two.

    On to Gratitude!

  2. TheBitsch says:

    Excellent. I’m sure I’ll slack off as well, but this is a nice motivator. Blog it out!

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