Giving Thanks and Cooking Much

Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving. The day before, I’m off work and always plan an idyllic day of cooking, cleaning, burning candles, doing laundry, and enjoying it. Every year, something conspires to throw it all off kilter. Last year, Mr. B’s car caused problems. I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be a fun day of cooking and baking. Invariably, I end up in the kitchen at midnight, cursing, and back in at 10 a.m., begging my *&^% souffle to cook through before I have to leave.

Mom and I have worked out a pretty spiffy deal. She cooks the turkey, dressing, starch, and dessert (carrot cake). I bring all the other sides. The usual suspects are my great aunt’s squash casserole (the only recipe in the world for which I will concede a cream-of-x soup, as my mother would disown me if I varied it), a from-scratch green bean casserole, a sweet potato souffle with praline topping, balsamic glazed carrots, and cranberry sauce, which only I eat.

It’s a laughably huge spread considering that there will only be six people there total, so I’m scaling down the usual 9x13s to 8x8s where I can.

The folks over at Pithy and Cleaver blog quite a Thanksgiving production each year. With them as my inspiration, and working out my tremendous desire to be in the kitchen, I’m going to post recipes and rundowns tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope your cooking day goes swimmingly. I’m making a late night grocery run tonight with my coupons to beat the crowds… we’ll see how it goes!

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