Back to Basics

June 1 is a day of promise.  Well, a promise to myself I seem really good at breaking.

In theory, today would have been the first day of ten weeks off work. You know what that means, right? I got the opportunity to teach this summer.

I’m actually pretty stoked about it. First off, the group of students is great. They work hard, they’re interested, and that is more than enough to keep me going.

The pace of the class is crazy. I have to cover a regular week of material in each two hour and forty minute session. It will really blow your hair back. In our first three meetings, I covered a regular month of material.

Since it’s a hybrid, I also have to assign work online in the interim, which means I’m working on the days I’m not teaching to keep my head above water, but I’m okay with that because so far, the students are working really hard, and it’s nice to focus on just one group, give them even more time than I usually would, and build more in-depth relationships with the students. I do give students my time in a normal semester, but when you’ve got 100+ every semester, it’s hard to keep individual focii. With one class for eight weeks, it’s much easier.

The other good news? Four day weekends. The other other good news? I’ve got almost a month from this class ending to the start of the next semester. Huzzah.

Of course, this means no gigantic road trip this summer. (Hell, I haven’t finished writing up the last one. That’s a good indication I need to stay home.) That’s fine with me, and fine with Mr. B. We. Are. Tired.

As I mentioned in my last post all those months ago, work has been utterly chaotic. It’s finally slowing to manageable (which is good since I should technically be off right now).  I’ve also been sick and pretty run down. I’m getting an allergy evaluation next week and I had my first physical therapy appointment this week. For the last month I’ve been unable to work out and my body has gotten more and more pissy, uncooperative, and weak. I kept losing weight for awhile, and it was all muscle. It’s not a good thing. I feel tired, cruddy, floppy, and gross.

Physical therapy was interesting. My pelvis was all out of whack, but we found my tailbone! It’s out of place since I’ve broken it twice, so it’s good to know where it is for any necessary future reference. We’re working on my hip and lower back, which is weird. It’s getting all kinds of soreness started up in all kinds of places. I know that’s part of the process, but there’s some cursing, slowness, and general crochety old-ladiness involved. I am not able to run, work out, or weight train in any capacity right now, but I’ve been told I can walk as much as I want. I don’t want. That shit HURTS. I know it will get better soon; I’m doing my exercises and hoping for a speedy return to the greenway and to send this reappearing gut packing in a big way.

Essentially, I’m taking some time to pull back and take care of me. First off, that’s taking a lot of money. PT copays are expensive, and I was already working on some pretty major bill paydowns, so it’s good I lucked into the summer work. Second, I’m still working on the ever-evolving home projects. That’s lots of decluttering and cleaning, and I’m taking it super-slow. I’ll talk about the system I’m using in a future post. Third, I’m getting back to writing, both for the magazine and for myself. Some of it will appear on the blog and some may go elsewhere. I need to do it. Fourth, I’m spending time with people I care about. I’m tired of never seeing friends and not traveling. I got that off on the right foot with that trip in November and kept it going with a visit to Black Witch and the family a couple weeks ago. I need to go see my friends, and I’m lucky that many of them have been (and are continuing to come!) to see me lately.

Lastly, I don’t give a damn if anyone does think I’m lazy. In the words of Lily Von Schtupp, “I’m tired.”

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