Greenya Fauxlada

Weight Watchers and I broke up, and then we got back together. Now we’re not sure whether it was such a good idea. We get a long for a few days and that old feeling comes back. We take a little time apart, then we come running back.

Yeah, I give my “lifestyle change” human characteristics. Hell, I do it to punctuation when I teach adults.

Last year at the height of my first round on the double dubya I created a Spring Green smoothie. It’s good.

Now, Blue Diamond has brought something to take it to the next level.

No, they are not paying me to write this. Yes, I’ve been a steady customer for the last couple years. I’ve been drinking their unsweetened vanilla almond milk since I realized how much sugar lurked in Silk Vanilla soymilk.

The lovely makers of Almond Breeze have rolled out unsweetened coconut-almond milk. It’s 45 calories per cup, one WW PP, and it is creamy and freaking amazing, and it turns my Spring Green smoothie into a tropical glass of awesome.

The taste is not overwhelming coconut; the biggest difference you will notice is really with the creamy texture. It reminds me of whole milk, but it’s not offputting as a non-milk drinker. There’s less of a coconut taste and more of a coconut scent.

You have to try this, unless you hate coconut like Mr. B.

Greenya Fauxlada

Makes one monstrous smoothie


1 ripe banana, peeled
2 handfuls baby spinach
½ c canned pinapple tidbits or chunks, drained (can use fresh, of course)
1 c. Coconut Almond Milk Blend
1 handful ice
2 Tbsp raw cashews


Blend on Whole Juice setting in Blendtec. If using standard blender, you may want to blend the cashews and milk first and then add the other ingredients and process until all is fully incorporated. Pour into vessel and drink immediately.


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  1. Holy crap, coconut almond milk? Sign me up. I’m not even avoiding dairy, but that sounds SO GOOD.

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