What happened? What’s next?

Lessee. I was here in December. Then life exploded.

January: I was plunged ass over teacups into the busiest semester yet at work. I started getting my shit together… and then..

February: I presented at a conference in Savannah with two teaching comrades. It went GREAT. So great, in fact, that we’ll be repeating that presentation twice this year.

Then disaster struck. My uncle, my daddy’s brother, died unexpectedly, just before Valentine’s Day. It was shocking, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, and unbelievable — and that was just for me. As for what his wife, son, and grandchildren are going through, I can’t imagine. What my daddy has and is going through is just unimaginable. It blew a pretty big hole in things for awhile, and I know it still does for a lot of people and will for a long time.

The day after the funeral I was running a fundraiser at work, which was actually good because it wasn’t work I had to *think* about and it got my mind off things. One of the women there said, “Here’s the thing about what’s happened. The world keeps on going, but yours doesn’t.”

I loved my uncle. I didn’t see him often. I actually missed seeing him after his surgery because I was at that conference. I know my grief was not as staggering as that of others’.

But dammit, there is a hole there.

Needless to say, I don’t remember the rest of February.

March: I needed a vacation more than I could express. We took off to Florida to go back to Kennedy Space Center and loll on a beach. It was a weird trip. I was still emotionally raw and Mr. B and I had a lot to talk about and everything was just strange. We did a lot of beachfront relaxing and I stayed up all night and reread The Awakening on a hotel balcony, as I always do at the beach. I saw a lot of Mom’s family midmonth. At the end of the month we saw Ben Folds with the Symphony and then went to Norfolk to spend time with friends and see the Black Keys. I started Couch to 5K. I’m still terrible at running and had to repeat weeks several times. I never got past week three for a variety of reasons, despite the fact I was still at it in May.

April: Exhausting clusterfuck. Easter was nice.

May: Amanda graduated! We went to see Clutch! The light at the end of the tunnel was a friggin train! I went to Nashville to visit my beloved Black Witch, my surrogate nephew, the new kid, and the hublet. It was awesome. I started teaching a new class THE NEXT MORNING. I finished one giant work project. I have one to go before I’ll relax.

Also, Amendment One passed, and I’m so angry about it that I may not get married.

And now it’s June. I’m working on the magazine and the aforementioned project. I’m getting this class figured out and then I’m working on fall classes. I’m preparing for conference presentations here and in Vegas. Mr. B is renovating the kitchen (against all my judgment and advice, and then he’ll tear it all down and do it again in two years). Friends are coming to visit. At some point, I’ll go to the beach, float in a pool, and travel a little bit. I’m writing. I’m reading. I’m resting. I’m healing my body in a fashion.

I’ll be cooking again soon. I hope to be back on the trail again soon. I’m ready to be me again.

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