Feeling so FLY

In my last post I alluded to working on tasks for 15 minutes at a time. I picked this up from FlyLady. FlyLady is a free site that basically helps you clean your house and be productive.

I cleaned houses for a living for many years. It’s not that I don’t know how to clean, but rather more that I’m exhausted and it seems I don’t have time to get my cleaning done.

I use “seems” because the lesson I’ve learned (and the lesson FlyLady teaches) is that we all have time; it’s generally our perfection that gets in the way. We feel we don’t have time to complete the whole task, so we don’t even start.

It had never occurred to me that perfection was part of my procrastination. I thought I was just lazy.

Thing is, I’m NOT lazy. I get stuff done. I get LOTS of stuff done. I just do it in a cluttered, disorganized environment.

If you check out Flylady, I recommend getting the daily email digest. Rather than get a bunch of emails a day or have to go to the site repeatedly, you can get your daily reminders of what you need to do as well as some testimonials from those who have been helped by the program and/or Flylady’s tools (she sells some excellent cleaning products through the site).

Essentially, the first step is shining your sink. It seems ridiculous, but completing this one simple task is often the motivation people need to get moving. Another key to the program is working in short spells using a timer to avoid burnout. Many of us suffer from all or nothing, crash and burn modes of thinking. Her program puts a stop to that mindset.There’s a short daily list of to-dos (get dressed, tidy bathroom, etc.) and a daily mission in the week’s  zone as well as urges to declutter from 2-15 minutes.

While this program is helping me get my house, life, and office in order, it’s done much more for many. I am 100% positive her system has actually saved the lives of people suffering from severe, chronic depression.

That said, if you need any help overcoming procrastination, disorganization, or just want to get a good start for the new year, I can’t recommend her site enough. No one’s paying me to say this — it’s legitimately my experience.

Check her out and feel better. She’s one of us (formerly disorganized SHE — Sidetracked Home Executive), so she knows how to help.

Also, I know many of us are embarking on resolutions and trying to make ourselves over. Please remember, every action can be a clean slate. Don’t toss a week, month, or afternoon down the tubes. Hell, you can start a day over in the evening and try again. Don’t throw in the towel unless you need to wash it and are getting a clean one from the closet.

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