Isn’t it funny how we always wait to start something? Diets can’t start except on a Monday. We have to wait till New Year’s for our resolutions.

And then what happens? We lazy, eat, whatever as hard as we can and then try to become whole new people overnight, all at once, on a new blank slate of promise.

Thing is, every day is a blank slate. Shoot, every hour can be a blank slate. I didn’t wait until a Monday to start Couch to 5K. I just jumped up and did it on a Tuesday afternoon. I started Weight Watchers midweek, in early April. Both of these endeavors were far more successful than the Monday diets and workouts.

That said, it’s still a good time to take stock (but notice that I’m doing so not on January 1st. Too much pressure!). If you feel like you’ve “blown” your resolution, whatever it is, just dust yourself off. Now’s as good a time as any. In fact, now is the best time to do something.

So…on to the non-resolutions. Some pretty good ideas. They aren’t all super measurable, but I figure I’ll work on one at a time, building some positive habits (a la Flylady and every other program of any kind that works worth a damn).

1. Write more. I’m trying to carve out 15 minutes a day, whether for the blog, the magazine, or just to run my mouth, brain, and fingers outside work. I started this just after Christmas and I hope to keep it up.

2. Declutter. I’ve worked on it steadily this year, but there is so. much. crap. in. this. house. And the basement. And in storage…

3. Pay down dem bills. I want to work toward financial independence a lot harder this year. It’s been on the list for awhile, and Your Money or Your Life has been helpful in putting this goal into perspective.

4. Unplug. I spend a lot more time online than I ever have, and I enjoy it. However, downtime is good for the brain, the shoulders, the wrists, and the soul.

5. Run 500 miles. If I get injured I’ll amend this with walking/swimming.

6. Take on new cooking challenges. I’d like to try my hand at macaron (and buy a food scale!).

7. Take more shitty photos. I bought at tripod for the occasion!

8. Double Drawl’s readership.

9. Travel the US again.

10. Get my damn passport.

11. Drag Mr. B to dance lessons.

12. Get out more.

13. See more people.

14. Send handwritten notes.

15. Meditate and relax.

16. Be less wasteful. I’m hoping the freezer that will arrive in the next few days will help with that.

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