30 Before 30 + 11 for 2011

I’ll be posting my progress on my 30 goals before I turn 30 here. Finishing them all is unlikely, but I’m going to give it my best.

1. Learn to play the fiddle (I’ve had it since I turned 21 and only had time for two months of lessons).

2. Finish the book I started writing four years ago.

3. Read 50 books — I used to read a book a day, and life has gotten in the way to the point I do well to read three books a year not related to work.

4. Go back to Vegas.

5. Go to Europe.

6. Go to New York.

7. Work my way through Level 5 at my pole classes, mastering all the moves through that level.

8. Try aerial silks. Took for two months and love it! Resuming in January and will give you an update.

9. Take ballet again — I took ballet for 12 years and haven’t done it in almost as long. Canceled on account of my discovery that ballet ruined my gait.

10. Get a dog.

11. Learn to use my sewing machines correctly.

12. Make myself a Kamehameha-style 1950s dress.

13. Bake, assemble, and decorate a three-tier cake.

14. Become a good gardener and turn out a sizable fruit and veggie harvest.

15. Learn Latin.

16. Learn canning.

17. Play the banjo.

18. Learn 1940s hairstyling. I have mastered victory rolls and rock them weekly.

19. Perfect pie crust.

20. Drive across the country.

21. Dip my toe (possibly more) in the Pacific.

22. Ditch 30% of my stuff.

23. Make good pasta. Mr. B got us a pasta roller and the results were stupdendous!

24. Make pear preserves.

25. Make applejacks from scratch.

26. Plant a flower garden.

27. Try knitting and crocheting (not the same as being crochety, it turns out). Canceled to focus on sewing — starting a class at the end of January!

28. Take swing dance lessons with Mr. B.

29. Write actual letters to people I love.

30. Listen to the CDs in the house I’ve never heard, and read the books on my shelf I haven’t read yet.

11 for 2011

1. Pay off all consumer debt.

2. Save a sizable down-payment for a car.

3. Run a mile.

4. Take two weeks utterly and totally off all work this summer.

5. Ebay/Craigslist my storage piles.

6. Post to this here blog at least once a week.

7. Track spending in the month of January to get on track for the first few goals.

8. Waste less time on this here internet.

9. Work hard when I’m working so when I’m not I don’t need to.

10. Work out five times a week.

11. Chill the hell out.

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