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Who are you?

Currently, I’m on the slippery end of my 20s, living in NC. I teach English at a wonderful institution and I’m rather fond of Mr. B,  my future ex-husband (kidding, Mom).  I’ve never lived more than 50 miles from my family, so I guess I’m a bit of a homebody. My childhood was spent out in the country with little old ladies, and a lot of that has stuck with me. I’m a bit of an anachronism.

Why do you have a blog? Aren’t there a gabillionty-five food blogs?

There are a great many food blogs out there, and they are awesome. My fascination with food runs deep, and I love to prepare food, read about food, and, if you saw me you’d know, I love to eat food. I also love writing and sharing my love of food with others, so it’s a pretty natural project for me. Well, aside from the fact I’m far more comfortable with a typewriter than a computer and friends have to force me to join networking sites, it’s a natural project. I figure if I read as many blogs as I do without getting bored, there’s no reason for me not to join the conversation, and as a 1950s-era girl in a 2010s world, I think mine might be a wee bit different and worth someone’s time.

How/when did you learn to cook?

I hung out with my Grandma Edna and Grandma Maybelle a lot as a child, and I watched them. I started experimenting in the kitchen at a fairly early age. My parents suffered through such tragedies as chocolate pancakes and undercooked chicken. By the time I was ten or so, I could turn out a pretty good meal, and by high school I was very smooth in the kitchen. When I moved into my first all-mine-all-mine apartment at 24, I turned toward predominantly vegetarian, whole foods-geared cooking. Processed food is rather ick to me these days, and when you stray from boxes, you learn pretty quickly how to make things work.

What’s with the five variations on a single recipe?

I love good food, but I also tend toward the flabby side and need to keep Mr. B and me healthy. Also, I have lots of vegan friends and friends with food allergies. Experimenting with recipes lets me meet all these needs, and I like for my readers to be able to make recipes their own.

Why do your pictures suck?

Because I’m a horrible photographer, and I refuse to purchase fancy equipment in an attempt to put lipstick on the pig. If you see a good picture, one of my talented friends took it (and you can hire him!).

Your kitchen is filthy.

I know. I cleaned houses to help work my way through school, and I no longer care to clean my own. Sorry.

Why don’t you use your name?

I teach, and I sometimes cuss a swear, in the words of Teen[y Tiny]  Girl Squad, and I’d rather not have one of my students raise his or her hand in class and yell, “Hey! I found your blog and you said…”  You get the idea.

Why don’t you post more often?

This is my third go at this blog, and this time I have a plan, and that plan is to post a couple times a week. I do this in my spare time, and as it happens, I don’t have any.

So, what are you trying to accomplish?

I’m a grocery/thrift store ninja, and I’d like to help show others that you can cook at home healthfully and affordably, and love it. I’d also like us to have some conversations about deliciousness, health, thrift, and retro living. So come on in and have some coffee.

Hey, can I link to you/post that recipe, etc.?

Yes, as long as you acknowledge it is mine and cite me properly. I am an English teacher and I catch plagiarizers all day, and plagiarism infuriates me. When I redo a recipe, I let you know where the original came from and link to it so you can see it, and I expect you’ll do the same. Plagiarism turns me into the white female version of the Incredible Hulk and makes  me want to flatten your ass.

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