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Drawl Challenge, Day Four

4. What’s the strangest place you’ve seen bait for sale? I’m sure I’ve seen stranger, but this was fresh on my mind.

Drawl Challenge, Day Three

3. Biscuits or cornbread? If they’re good, biscuits most of the time. I like all kinds — drop biscuits, sweet biscuits, savory biscuits, biscuits and gravy, biscuits and butter whipped with molasses, biscuits and chopped strawberries, biscuits and chocolate gravy… damn. Cornbread is good and all, but I grew up with my favorite being what [...]

Drawl Challenge, Day Two

2. How do you like your grits? In a variety of ways! First off, I like my grits hot and thick (unless I’m sick, then I want them runny). I also never eat instant grits. I do cook quick grits just for expedience, but those creamy delights that take an hour and benefit from half [...]

Drawl’s 37-day Challenge

For our li’l countdown to our li’l launch date*cough, September 14, cough*, Drawl is issuing a 37-day posting challenge. You may blog, use Twitter, or Facebook, but just give us a shout to let us know you’re playing along so we can check out your posts. The original post is here *warning — autoplay music [...]