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Springing Onward, and Spicy Noodles

I hope everyone had/is having a wonderful Easter/Passover/Spring Celebration/Smurf Holiday/Whathaveyou. I had a to-do list a mile long for Easter break but pretty much everything got pre-empted by an urgent need to sleep. I have been so exhausted and burned out at work, and summer break is shining bright on the horizon. On the WW [...]

Spring Green Smoothie

I apologize for making it all smoothies all the time here lately. However, I’m bad for a rut — eating the exact same thing for breakfast/lunch every day, etc., and WW makes that even more tempting. After yesterday’s success with the cinnamon shake, I decided to venture out of my blender comfort zone again this [...]

Cinnamon Shake

I am not the kind of girl who skips meals. I’m not one of those people who “forgets” to eat. Now that I’m in the business of WW, it’s pretty imperative that I don’t skip or skimp on meals. However, today was wicked busy. In fact, this whole week has been busy, and this may [...]

Verbalizing Gratitude: Too much to even name. Also, a cocktail.

Fa la la la laaaa, ha ha ha haaaaah. Hi there. It’s fitting I’d return over a week after a post about having a day off. I have precisely that today. A snow/winter ick occurrence has me at home for the day, and I’m thankful (and prepared!) for it. I brought everything home I needed [...]