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GAR, Day Two

I woke up and let B sleep in a little since he’d been up late the night before. We got downstairs and checked out, and I was immediately shuttled across the street to Huddle House for Bitch Prevention. See, if I don’t have food and coffee pretty soon after waking up, I turn into an [...]

GAR: First Leg, Literary Tour: Day One

We rolled out of Raleigh around 10:38 a.m on Wednesday, June 8, heading south. Our first destination was the home of one Count No ‘count, William Cuthbert Fa[u]lkner, my one time nemesis, meat of my thesis, and literary national enigma. We had a tent, sleeping bags, camping equipment, cooler, three suitcases, books, hats, hiking shoes, [...]

Great American Roadtrip: Introduction

WHY? That’s what people kept asking me when I told them we were planning a 2-3 week cross-country roadtrip in a Chevrolet Tahoe. “Why don’t you fly?” “Why are you going THERE?” “How can you buy that much gas?” “You know you and your boyfriend are going to end up fighting.” Honestly?  I haven’t seen [...]