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Breakfast Casserole

I love casserole, and I love breakfast. However, I don’t function well in the mornings. This breakfast casserole can be prepped when you’re half asleep or it can be put together the night before and stuck in the oven. You can also alter it for vegetarians and the like. Every Christmas morning, we have “Night [...]

Squash Casserole

Perfect for a Thanksgiving table, right? I had some leftovers and decided to make the cutest casserole EVER. No Carnation milk was harmed in the making of this casserole; it is merely there for scale. So, casserole haters: Please don’t hate. This is the one casserole in my repertoire that still relies on cream of [...]

Green Bean Casserole — No Cream of X Soup!

I have a confession to make, and it’s nothing new to those of you who have been hanging out here awhile. I love casserole. I love church cookbook tragedy casserole. Thus, green bean casserole makes me some kind of happy. However, as we know, I like to make everything from scratch when it’s practical. I’ve [...]

Giving Thanks and Cooking Much

Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving. The day before, I’m off work and always plan an idyllic day of cooking, cleaning, burning candles, doing laundry, and enjoying it. Every year, something conspires to throw it all off kilter. Last year, Mr. B’s car caused problems. I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be a [...]