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Tomato-Corn Cobbler

(Note: This post was written prior to my vacation. I’m leaving the tenses alone.) Whatever you’re doing right now, you should stop, go to the farmers market, get your ass home, and make some tomato-corn cobbler with pepper-biscuit crust and okra shoestring fries. Quit sitting there! Go now! Oh… you need a recipe? And ingredient [...]

Kale & Polenta Pie

Kale and polenta sounds healthy and virtuous and somehow exotic, but if you add “pie” to the end of it, the addition of that little three-letter word evokes images of grey-haired grannies in aprons setting down a crusted delight before happy children. Oh, not in your head? Oops. My own personal grandmother never cooked with [...]

Mac and Cheese Florentine

We love mac and cheese around here. Mac and cheese is how I snagged Mr. B, and I sometimes think it’s how I keep him. We’ve cut back on the gutbusting, artery-clogging mac, but sometimes I want the virtue of greens with the decadence of creamy cheese sauce and the forgiving bite of pasta. This [...]