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Drawl Challenge, Day Two

2. How do you like your grits? In a variety of ways! First off, I like my grits hot and thick (unless I’m sick, then I want them runny). I also never eat instant grits. I do cook quick grits just for expedience, but those creamy delights that take an hour and benefit from half [...]

Drawl’s 37-day Challenge

For our li’l countdown to our li’l launch date*cough, September 14, cough*, Drawl is issuing a 37-day posting challenge. You may blog, use Twitter, or Facebook, but just give us a shout to let us know you’re playing along so we can check out your posts. The original post is here *warning — autoplay music [...]

Introducing Drawl

So… as much as I don’t need ONEMORETHINGTODO, we all know I can’t pass up an opportunity, especially when it involves my favorite people, writing, food, home decor, nature, and college sports. If that has you thoroughly “what the eff”-ing, le’ Loocie essplain hersef. 13 years ago (sweet Lord!), I made a good friend at [...]