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A Delectable Seasonal Cocktail

Do yourself a favor. Save your leftover coffee in a mason jar in the fridge (I go with decaf so I can do this at night). Then, get $11 and roll down to the ABC store and get yourself one of these: Mix equal parts coffee and liqueur over ice. Moan with delight.

Chocolate Covered Spinach: The Other Milkshake… err… something

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancin’  in the street drinking creamy, frosty beverages. Seriously, it’s wet-blanket, poor air quality, crap-I-developed-asthma hot and humid down here. It’s gross, and I’m trying not to eat my weight in ice cream as I do every summer. I was not made for heat. I was made [...]

Green Smoothies

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but every spring when I return from my academia vacation, I return to a healthier eating pattern — not a diet, not a fast, but just some healthier stuff to get me back in the swing of taking care of myself. This year, I’d been reading a lot [...]