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S[no]w Day Black Bean Nachos

Seems the snow missed us but dumped itself heavily on the areas around us. Thus, I got the day off! I have thus far spent it on very light cleaning, eating, blogging, and sleeping. It has been a much -needed break. On Sunday, I boiled up a bag of dried black beans for us to [...]

Finger Sandwich Tutorial

At every shower for a bride or mom-to-be in the South, finger sandwiches in some form are bound to grace the table. The rules generally are that they must be teeny, cut into triangles or an interesting shape, made from crustless white bread, and filled with something containing mayonnaise or cream cheese. Popular fillings include [...]

Consider the Baby Very Clean

This weekend, we showered a baby! Blonde Witch is scheduled to bring a wee babe into this world in the spring, so Black Witch and Red Witch (that’s me) of The Cauldron ** put on a little shindig this weekend. BW is a genius with design and decor, so she handled all the hard stuff [...]