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Challenge Wrap-up

So that was a hot mess, no? I kind of gave up/gave in this last week — Mr. B got into the swing of cooking dinner for me while I worked late and was eaten alive by an all-consuming tired. It’s been a week of forcing myself through dance classes I enjoy but can’t bear [...]

It’s Not a Challenge, Really…

it’s an exercise in documentation. That’s our decision as of tonight. Mr. B quit smoking, changed his eating habits, and has lost 25 pounds since January. If I keep a tight budget and he can’t feed his all-day cucumber habit, he will revert to bad habits. I’m not having that. I’m willing to spend more [...]

Challenge: Start of Week Two

Howdy! We’re still here! Purchases for Week 2 Kroger ~$25 (1/2 lb each of sharp cheddar and colby jack (only $2.55 altogether!) * bananas * apples * small eggplant * almond milk * peanut butter * all natural white bread * spicy mustard * relish * eggs * cornstarch * grits * pears * and… [...]

Week One Challenge Wrap-Up

Friday: Breakfast: Green smoothie Lunch: Quinoa and Black Bean Salad, grapes, scraping of PB from cleaning out the jar Snack: Oatmeal Dinner: Eff the challenge — I wanted cheap mexican food and a margarita The Damage We spent about $85 on groceries and household products this week — well over the $50 we had allotted. [...]