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Verbalizing Gratitude: Too much to even name. Also, a cocktail.

Fa la la la laaaa, ha ha ha haaaaah. Hi there. It’s fitting I’d return over a week after a post about having a day off. I have precisely that today. A snow/winter ick occurrence has me at home for the day, and I’m thankful (and prepared!) for it. I brought everything home I needed [...]

Welcome, Autumn

How in THE HELL did it get to be October?!? Since my birthday is in October, I use it as a deadline for many things, as in, “I’ll get X done by my birthday.” And then here we are at midterm and things clearly aren’t getting done. Ah, well. Happily, my favorite time of year [...]

Challenge Wrap-up

So that was a hot mess, no? I kind of gave up/gave in this last week — Mr. B got into the swing of cooking dinner for me while I worked late and was eaten alive by an all-consuming tired. It’s been a week of forcing myself through dance classes I enjoy but can’t bear [...]

And then…

Purchases Costco ~$1.50(Half and half) Fresh Market ~ $9 (three sausages and veggie kebabs) Kroger ~ $4 (AP flour * cilantro * lemons) Thursday Breakfast: Banana and peanut butter Lunch: Oatmeal Dinner: Mr. B dragged me out the door to PeiWei while I offered to make him pimiento cheese for dinner. Ploy to not go [...]