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Kale & Polenta Pie

Kale and polenta sounds healthy and virtuous and somehow exotic, but if you add “pie” to the end of it, the addition of that little three-letter word evokes images of grey-haired grannies in aprons setting down a crusted delight before happy children. Oh, not in your head? Oops. My own personal grandmother never cooked with [...]

Green Smoothies

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but every spring when I return from my academia vacation, I return to a healthier eating pattern — not a diet, not a fast, but just some healthier stuff to get me back in the swing of taking care of myself. This year, I’d been reading a lot [...]

Tater Soup

One of the items I brought to my new life in this house from my grandma’s house is her tater box. It’s a wooden box with a hinged lid designed f or housing potatoes, onions, and other root veggies. Carved in the front are the words “Tater Box.” Mr. B thinks I’m a bit off. [...]