Tag: gratitude

Verbalizing Gratitude: Days Off

(and I’m not just writing about this because I took several days off posting. *wink*) Today I am thankful for Saturdays and Sundays, because I don’t have to work on weekends anymore. l used to; I used to work any day there was money to be made; then, I stopped. I didn’t stop because I [...]

Verbalizing Gratitude: Seasons

Today I am thankful for seasons. Yes, I sit here with completely whacked-out sinuses that are in no way being helped by the dips in temperature and pressure, but I am thankful for each season and what it brings. Fall is of course my favorite; I live for October. My birthday sets off a chain [...]

Verbalizing Gratitude: Coffee

I do not really feel well enough to be eloquent, but I shall give it a try. I am thankful for coffee, and that I can drink it. I believe I had my first cup at two, heavy with milk and sugar, and I was hooked. Coffee has led me to meet many of my [...]

Verbalizing Gratitude: A Place to Live

Today I am thankful that I have a nice place to live. I have had two nice places to live in Raleigh, my last apartment and this house. I moved into this house last year, and it’s been really nice. We are in a nice neighborhood, across the street from the park, and everything is [...]