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Back to Basics

June 1 is a day of promise. ¬†Well, a promise to myself I seem really good at breaking. In theory, today would have been the first day of ten weeks off work. You know what that means, right? I got the opportunity to teach this summer. I’m actually pretty stoked about it. First off, the [...]

WW: 23 Things I Have Learned in Eight Weeks

I’ve been “on plan” for two months now — hard to believe! I thought I’d be a little lighter than I am at this point (I’m seven pounds down, “officially”) but I’m happy with the changes I’ve had thus far and still am glad I signed up. I’ll keep doing it for awhile, especially now [...]

Weight Watching with Mr. B

So you know how people always say it’s easier to lose weight when your significant other is on board with you? Yeah, I used to think so too. Then Mr. B joined Weight Watchers. Now, for those not familiar with the plan, this sounds awesome, right? Granted, I urged him to do this. He needs [...]

A New Approach

Forgive me, readers, for I have thinned. It has been two days since my last confection. I really, really meant for this to be a blog in which I bake beautiful delights, tell amusing stories about kitchen foibles, and occasionally just write. It seems I’ve only held myself to the last item there, but such [...]