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2012 in the Rear View

What a freaking year. I mean that in every applicable way. It’s funny to me how the time goes by so quickly but when I think back it seems like more than a year since some of this year’s events happened. Does that make ANY sense? I had terrible anxiety last New Year’s Eve. I [...]

Screw Your Holiday Eating Strategy, and Christmas Ain’t Over

A brief rant is forthcoming, but first of all, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday season. Yes, that’s present tense (no pun intended). You know what drives me bonkers? The screeching halt of Christmas when we hit midnight on December 25. The 12 Days of Christmas isn’t just a catchy song title. Christmas [...]

Verbalizing Gratitude: Too much to even name. Also, a cocktail.

Fa la la la laaaa, ha ha ha haaaaah. Hi there. It’s fitting I’d return over a week after a post about having a day off. I have precisely that today. A snow/winter ick occurrence has me at home for the day, and I’m thankful (and prepared!) for it. I brought everything home I needed [...]

Autumn Fades, and Thankfulness Continues

My favorite season is slipping away from me. I got the final proof of that at the coffee shop near work where I go for a quick breather on Monday afternoons. The Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Delight coffees have been replaced with one labeled with a Christmas tree, and there are three trees up in [...]