Tag: horsedoovers

Okra Fries

Boyfriend and I go to Asheville from time to time in order to have a quick weekend escape and to pretend that Biltmore is our own personal home. Each time we go, we pick a day to have a major meal at Chai Pani, an Indian street food restaurant. Here we can get an obscene [...]

S[no]w Day Black Bean Nachos

Seems the snow missed us but dumped itself heavily on the areas around us. Thus, I got the day off! I have thus far spent it on very light cleaning, eating, blogging, and sleeping. It has been a much -needed break. On Sunday, I boiled up a bag of dried black beans for us to [...]

Consider the Baby Very Clean

This weekend, we showered a baby! Blonde Witch is scheduled to bring a wee babe into this world in the spring, so Black Witch and Red Witch (that’s me) of The Cauldron ** put on a little shindig this weekend. BW is a genius with design and decor, so she handled all the hard stuff [...]

Sausage, Black Beans, and Cheese…

…make delicious minimalist nachos on a night when you are snowed in watching A Mighty Wind and drinking screw-top vinho verde out of the bottle on your antique fainting couch. We’re classy like that.