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Eating Season

We are coming out of eating season. I can eat pretty well from April through August. Then things get sticky. For us, the kickoff is the Greek Festival in September. It is a reminder that within a couple weeks our pants will be tight, so we need to ramp up our workouts and vegetable intake. [...]

2012 in the Rear View

What a freaking year. I mean that in every applicable way. It’s funny to me how the time goes by so quickly but when I think back it seems like more than a year since some of this year’s events happened. Does that make ANY sense? I had terrible anxiety last New Year’s Eve. I [...]

What happened? What’s next?

Lessee. I was here in December. Then life exploded. January: I was plunged ass over teacups into the busiest semester yet at work. I started getting my shit together… and then.. February: I presented at a conference in Savannah with two teaching comrades. It went GREAT. So great, in fact, that we’ll be repeating that [...]

Back to Basics

June 1 is a day of promise.  Well, a promise to myself I seem really good at breaking. In theory, today would have been the first day of ten weeks off work. You know what that means, right? I got the opportunity to teach this summer. I’m actually pretty stoked about it. First off, the [...]