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Greenya Fauxlada

Weight Watchers and I broke up, and then we got back together. Now we’re not sure whether it was such a good idea. We get a long for a few days and that old feeling comes back. We take a little time apart, then we come running back. Yeah, I give my “lifestyle change” human [...]

Egg Salad

I have never been much of a fan of egg salad, or hard-boiled eggs, or even eggs, really. Eggs are something I want rarely and in rather small quantities. However, eggs are little protein-powerhouses and have built-in portion control, and most dudes I know love eggs, especially boiled ones, and especially especially deviled ones. The [...]

Got Protein?

So the mama of that freshly showered baby got the not-fun diagnosis of gestational diabetes. How lame! Isn’t this the time in one’s life where you are actually encouraged to sit on your ass and eat Oreos? As she put it, “It was all fun and games until they took my cake.” One of the [...]

Green Smoothies

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but every spring when I return from my academia vacation, I return to a healthier eating pattern — not a diet, not a fast, but just some healthier stuff to get me back in the swing of taking care of myself. This year, I’d been reading a lot [...]