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Egg Salad

I have never been much of a fan of egg salad, or hard-boiled eggs, or even eggs, really. Eggs are something I want rarely and in rather small quantities. However, eggs are little protein-powerhouses and have built-in portion control, and most dudes I know love eggs, especially boiled ones, and especially especially deviled ones. The [...]

Finger Sandwich Tutorial

At every shower for a bride or mom-to-be in the South, finger sandwiches in some form are bound to grace the table. The rules generally are that they must be teeny, cut into triangles or an interesting shape, made from crustless white bread, and filled with something containing mayonnaise or cream cheese. Popular fillings include [...]

Pim[i]ento (Minner) Cheese [and Cucumber] [Finger] Sandwiches (Sammiches)

Just covering all the bases… Aaaaahhh, pimiento cheese. Tis a Southern staple, and there are two camps — the lovahs and the hatahs.  The lovers eat from-scratch pimiento cheese, possibly even made with homemade mayonnaise. The haters either have only had the processed shite in tubs at the grocery or hate mayonnaise. (Mayo haters, have [...]

Roasted Green Bean and Mozzarella Sandwich

or Haricot Verts aux Fromage? It’s been a long time since French class. I get strange cravings at times, and unless they involve tons of sugar, I tend to assume my body is asking for something. Today was particularly stressful, and I’ve been wanting mozzarella (and bourbon, but it’s a school night) since ten a.m. [...]