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Tomato-Corn Cobbler

(Note: This post was written prior to my vacation. I’m leaving the tenses alone.) Whatever you’re doing right now, you should stop, go to the farmers market, get your ass home, and make some tomato-corn cobbler with pepper-biscuit crust and okra shoestring fries. Quit sitting there! Go now! Oh… you need a recipe? And ingredient [...]

Okra Fries

Boyfriend and I go to Asheville from time to time in order to have a quick weekend escape and to pretend that Biltmore is our own personal home. Each time we go, we pick a day to have a major meal at Chai Pani, an Indian street food restaurant. Here we can get an obscene [...]

S[no]w Day Black Bean Nachos

Seems the snow missed us but dumped itself heavily on the areas around us. Thus, I got the day off! I have thus far spent it on very light cleaning, eating, blogging, and sleeping. It has been a much -needed break. On Sunday, I boiled up a bag of dried black beans for us to [...]

Spaghetti Squash Saute with Ricotta and Tomato Sauce

I had a craving on Wednesday that took me just about all day to put my finger on. It was creamy and strong with garlic. After pondering over it that afternoon, I realized that what I was craving was a calzone from Lilly’s Pizza. I used to get their basic cheese calzone, full of ricotta [...]