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Verbalizing Gratitude: Too much to even name. Also, a cocktail.

Fa la la la laaaa, ha ha ha haaaaah. Hi there. It’s fitting I’d return over a week after a post about having a day off. I have precisely that today. A snow/winter ick occurrence has me at home for the day, and I’m thankful (and prepared!) for it. I brought everything home I needed [...]

Verbalizing Gratitude: Seasons

Today I am thankful for seasons. Yes, I sit here with completely whacked-out sinuses that are in no way being helped by the dips in temperature and pressure, but I am thankful for each season and what it brings. Fall is of course my favorite; I live for October. My birthday sets off a chain [...]

NC Weather, You So Crazy

Nothing like getting hit right in the sinuses when you’re already behind on grading because you let the holiday weekend be a holiday weekend. Oh, and then realizing you forgot a meeting. Oh, and your finals need to be done on Monday. *twitch* It’s gone from 28-52-70. And no, those are not my measurements, they [...]